Thinking of developing a Cross Domain Solution?

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Foreseeing every potential issue or factor can be challenging when developing a Cross Domain Solution (CDS). Nevertheless, the following factors may be overlooked or not fully considered during the CDS development process:

User Experience

While it is true that a CDS’s primary focus is frequently on security and information sharing, it is also important to keep in mind the user experience. If the CDS is not user-friendly or disrupts existing workflows significantly, it may not be adopted or utilized effectively.

Regular Compliance

Regulatory compliance requirements may vary depending on the organization’s industry and the types of information being shared. Ensuring that the CDS is created with these requirements is essential, as they can vary widely and be complex.


A CDS may be required to be compatible with various systems, applications, and technologies. Achieving interoperability between the CDS and these other systems can be difficult and requires careful planning and testing.

Maintenance and Upkeep

A CDS requires ongoing maintenance and updates to maintain its security and functionality. This may require a substantial ongoing investment of time, resources, and specialized knowledge.

CDS Integration

A CDS may need to integrate with third-party systems or applications. Ensuring the security and functionality of these integrations can be difficult and may require additional expertise or resources.


When creating a CDS, it is crucial to consider a wide range of variables and involve a team of specialists and experts in the development process. By taking a comprehensive approach to CDS development, it is possible to create a secure, efficient, and well-suited solution to the organization’s requirements.

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