Test procedure for a CDS

Test Procedure for a Cross Domain Solution

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Here are the recommended steps you can take to implement a test procedure for a cross-domain solution using existing documented test plans to ensure product validation and verification:

Review Documentation

Start by reviewing the solution’s existing test plans and documentation. Identify any documentation gaps and ensure that all the solution’s requirements are clearly documented.

Define Test Cases

Identify test cases that are important and relevant to the solution’s cross-domain nature. This could involve testing the compatibility of various systems, applications, and networks.

Develop a Test Plan

Take advantage of the current documentation and identified test cases to develop a test plan for the solution that spans multiple domains. The test plan should specify the test objectives, test scenarios, test cases, and anticipated outcomes.

Define Test Environments

Clearly state the different testing environments that will be used to test the cross domain solution. This may involve testing in the development, staging, and production environments.

Execute Tests

Execute the test cases specified in the test plan in each test environment identified. Document the results of each test case, including any identified defects or issues.

Report Results

Once all tests have been executed, compile the results and inform the development team of any issues or defects. Ensure that all issues are logged and followed until resolution.


After issues have been resolved, the solution should be retested to ensure that the fixes have been implemented correctly and that it functions as expected.

Validate the CDS

Validate that the solution meets all requirements and is ready for release once all tests have been completed.


By following these steps, you can implement a comprehensive test procedure for a cross domain solution utilizing existing documented test plans to ensure verification and validation of the product.

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