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Ideas on How to Write a POA&M for a Cross Domain Solution

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A Cross Domain Solution (CDS) is a security architecture that provides controlled access between different security domains, enabling the secure exchange of information between systems with different classification or sensitivity levels. A Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M) document for a CDS must be written with the following requirements in mind:

Identify Vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerabilities and risks associated with the CDS, such as unauthorized data transfers, data leakage, and malicious attacks.

Define Security Controls

Define the security controls that will be put in place to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities and risks. These may include access controls, auditing and logging, encryption, and user authentication.

Establish Milestones

Establish milestones that identify the timelines for implementing the security controls and mitigating the identified risks and vulnerabilities.

Develop Action Items

Create action items that describe the tasks required to implement the security controls and mitigate the identified vulnerabilities and risks.

Monitor Progress

Monitor progress in implementing security controls and mitigating identified vulnerabilities and risks, and review and update the POA&M regularly.


Include reporting requirements for continuous monitoring and periodic reporting on the status of the CDS.

The following elements should be included when writing the POA&M for a CDS:

  • A detailed explanation of the CDS and its intended use.
  • A description of the security controls to be implemented.
  • A description of the weaknesses and risks associated with the CDS.
  • A description of how the security controls will mitigate the vulnerabilities and risks identified.
  • A schedule for implementing security controls and mitigating identified risks and vulnerabilities.
  • A list of responsible individuals or teams.
  • Prioritized action items and anticipated dates of completion.
  • Requirements for ongoing monitoring and reporting.


The POA&M for a CDS should be a comprehensive plan outlining the steps to mitigate risks and ensure the system’s security. It should be reviewed and updated frequently to reflect changes in the security environment and the system’s evolving requirements.

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